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  1. Intro to my kids!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi guys! It's so nice to join this forum and meet you all. My name is Rosalyn and I have two rescues, one from the streets and one from negligence. Caesar is a medium sized mix breed, who followed us home in October 2016. He has quite a few behavioral issues, but we're working hard to fix...
  2. Just looked at my future lab puppy

    Attention All New Members
    Hey everyone, so im the new one here. :) I just went to the breeder I'm getting my Labrador Retriever puppy at. And I found lovely puppies. So I chose the one I wanted, the dark green collar one ;). But im just wondering if its normal for her to sleep a lot. She wasn't too energetic when I first...
  3. Planning a puppy. What do I need to plan / prepare / consider?

    Attention All New Members
    Hi all I am a new member to the site and joined so I can get help and advice on owning a puppy? I was 7 years old when I las that a dog and pretty sure I was only involved in the fun part! I am hoping to get advice on what rules / boundries I should be setting and how to make my puppy happy...
  4. Bring a piece of warmth and joy!!!

    Off Topic
    To be honest, it's a little bit hard and scary for me to bring up this topic, but I'll be strong and put it aside. So, here we go!. Oh, and sorry for my bad english...it's sucks, I guess. Hello! I'm from Moscow (Russia). Very soon my sister( born 12 june- 32 years old) and my niece (born...
  5. Weiner dogs....

    Dog Pictures Forum
    - Pickle being crazy - Frodo found his reflection. - Silly Pickle, Frodo, and Samantha Don't have time to put on Charlie and Berney. Later though.
  6. Happy Birthday Pickle

    General Dog Forum
    Pickle's second birthday is May 18th so wish him a happy birthday and if you have any dog cake suggestions please do share them. Also, this is what I got him a dog jacket and a doggie TV Dinner.:D When is your dog's birthday?