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  1. Dog barks and growls at house guests.

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello, we recently (on march 1st) adopted a rescue dog who we and several others believe is a shih tzu and terrier (Border or Jack Russell) mix. He is great with us but is a bit overly protective. For example my husband gave my daughter a hug and he started to growl and bark. He also is not...
  2. Your Pet and the Holiday Season

    General Dog Forum
    Holidays are for sharing with loved ones ... and that includes your pets. Keep everyone safe and happy with the following tips: Keep chocolate out of the way. Many pets are attracted to the smell and taste of chocolate. But in sufficient quantities, chocolate can make your pet very sick...
  3. How should I react?

    Dog Training Forum
    I do not have dogs. My neighbors, however, have two mid-size breeds and I D R E A D going over to their house because their dogs bark, and jump, and scratch, and pee...and generally act like lunatics every time we knock on the door/ring doorbell and come in. It is a huge ordeal to get them to...