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  1. Dog Pictures Forum
    We've recently adopted this 10 week old puppy. We were told it's a husky, but to us it seems like a lab/husky mix. Any guesses on what breed she may be just by looking at these few pictures? Thanks!
  2. General Dog Forum
    Ida is 9.5 months old and about 25 lbs. We have some ideas about what she is, but I'm interested to hear what everyone else thinks, now that she's mostly grown up! At 3 months: At 6 months: At 9 months:
  3. General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone can maybe help me guess what my puppy is mixed with. I've seen her mom and she's a shih tzu mix, and it was "presumed" that the dad was a full shih tzu (but I don't think that's the case). Her coat is black but she's got brown highlights all over her...
  4. Dog Pictures Forum
    Hi there every one! I adopted this puppy just over a week ago (I am not going to tell you what I think she is or what the rescue guessed until I get a couple guesses). She is about 14 weeks - 3.5 months - old (Born December 6th), close to 30pounds, and her name is Sansa. Any and all guesses are...
  5. General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone! We recently adopted our first dog, Atticus (Addy for short), from a local no-kill animal shelter. He has been an absolute joy and is just the cutest and smartest little guy. We were wondering what mix/breed you guys think he is. He is about 19 lbs, hardly ever barks, and has a...
  6. General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone! So I adopted a puppy from a local shelter here a week ago. The shelter told us that they guessed he was a Black Lab/BC/Akita mutt mix and that he'd be about 70-80 pounds fully grown. I took him for his first vet visit etc. and I got a totally different guess from the vet. She...
  7. General Dog Forum
    This is "sir" a nine month old puppy we found a few months ago at a local park. Attached are a few pics im trying to figure out what hes mixed with. My best guess would be pitt-boxer or boxer-shar pei. Also, hes 20 inches and 51 pounds how much bigger do you think he will get??
  8. General Dog Forum
    Hey everybody! While I have an idea what potential breeds my dog is, I'd like to know what people here have to say. I'm sick of people asking me what kind of dog I have, apparently mixed breed is not good enough. My dog is almost full grown and approx. 10 pounds Looking forward to your...
  9. Dog Pictures Forum
    I've asked this question on several other forums, but thought I'd ask here. It's always fun and interesting to hear what others think and sometimes I learn something from it. Okay...so what breeds do you think Treader is? Most agree that he's a Papillon/Shetland Sheepdog. Some have said that...
1-9 of 10 Results