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  1. Guess the Breed!

    General Dog Forum
    Ida is 9.5 months old and about 25 lbs. We have some ideas about what she is, but I'm interested to hear what everyone else thinks, now that she's mostly grown up! At 3 months: At 6 months: At 9 months:
  2. Hi - meet Woody!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi! This is my 2 month old chihuahua puppy Woody. I met his parents - his father appeared to be a 12 lb tan chihuahua and his mother a dark and tan long haired chihuahua. The vet thinks he might have a little Jack Russell in him. Just wanted to know if anyone had any guesses or any advice for...
  3. Surprising/questionable DNA breed results - what's your best guess?

    General Dog Forum
    I rescued a 'hound mix' from the local humane society almost a year ago when he was 7 months old. They had no breed history on him but their adult size estimate has been more or less accurate: approx. 75lbs. I have my thoughts about what breeds he is based on a few characteristics, but I...
  4. Name my breed?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Both of these dogs are rescues, what do you think they are? (The one with the ball in his mouth is my male, the other two pictures are the female I just got a few days ago)