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guess a breed

  1. What breed is my dog?! THANKS!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Thanks for your suggestions in advance! Very curious! Also any size predictions?
  2. Unknown puppy mix!

    General Dog Forum
    Hey everyone, I recently adopted a puppy from the shelter, he's adorable! But I don't really know what to except when he'll grow up so I would know a bit more about his genetic background. He's 4-5months old and currently weights 16lbs (7kg). (he was born with a docked tail but all of his...
  3. What type of Bichon is my dog?

    General Dog Forum
    We recently got a 8 month old dog that the owner said was a Maltese. The tail does stay down and fairly straight with a small curve to it. Shes on the better side of 7-8 months and is a real eater.. = human food a lot and is 12.8 stout pounds. Here are a couple pictures, and link to a couple...