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  1. New dog is jealous/aggressive when cats receive treats or is interested in our food.

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi all, My new dog of 3 months has been doing great with our cats until last week when we had an incident. Sadie (dog) attacked Nala but didn't hurt her. The reason for the attack probably lies in the fact that I had treats in my hand for Sadie and Nala was too close to them. This also seems to...
  2. Resource guarding only with other animals

    Dog Training Forum
    I have been dealing with my dog's resource guarding for sometime now and it is only getting to be more of an issue. I adopted my dog three years ago now and at the time he was estimated to by around 6 months. He is said to be half hound and half German shepherd. When I adopted him he had no real...
  3. New puppy and resident dog.. Pup has toy guarding issues..

    Dog Training Forum
    Hey guys so I have a rescue, Bailey, that I've had for almost two years. We just got a 13 week old pup last week, and I found out rather quickly that the puppy has a guarding issue with squeaky toys. He does not have a guarding issue with us, only with the resident dog. And he doesn't have a...
  4. Correcting some newly developed bad behaviors

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello, My 4-legged children and I just moved a few weeks ago into a new apartment/neighborhood. Our previous address was chosen specifically because the building population consisted entirely of 9-to-5-ers. We have, for financial gain, moved into a roommate situation in a much more lively...
  5. Choosing multiple Deterrent Dogs

    General Dog Forum
    We have two zones each of about 3 acres with lots of trees – Zone 1 in front of the house and Zone 2 behind. Where the zones join, there is a 2m high fence. We want a dog in each. I’ll use the description Deterrent Dog, rather than Guard Dog, i.e. we want their existence to deter burglars, we...
  6. Please HELP: Small dog Dominant behavior

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I posted on here before about my Chorkie puppy (5lbs will turn 1 year old next week) and guarding certain items. I have been working with him for months and he is only getting worse. He used to guard only dentabones and natural bones. Despite me working with him using the "trade up" method...
  7. Tiny Terror

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    First time dog owner. Ok, so the title is an exageration, but I am having an issue with aggression in my Chorkie (all 3.5lbs of him). He is 7 months old and has begun showing what I understand to be a significant aggression problem. He growls over his food and preferred toys. The problem is...