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  1. Guard Dogs: The Guide To ...

    Dog Training Forum
    Looking for suggested books, articles, videos, and trainers (in NE Texas), that may be able to shine some light on how to properly train a dog into becoming a protective one (on command only, of course). We have a 10.5mo. GSD x Belgian Malinois female that we would like to do extensive...
  2. Who says Akita's can't be trained?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    My Akita, Kuma leaving a bunch of treats that I dropped in front of him. Here's the video that goes along with it!! http://www.youtube.com/user/akitadog24?feature=mhee
  3. Akita stole my glove in the snow. Wouldn't give it back

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Kuma stole my glove after the snow storm and he wouldn't give it back. He kept running around and got snow in it. Eventually didn't want it back since it was full of snow. Thanks Kuma http://www.youtube.com/user/akitadog24?feature=mhee
  4. Cute Dog (Akita) Videos

    General Dog Forum
    http://www.youtube.com/user/akitadog24?feature=mhee There are awesome videos of an Akita on this channel, including him attacking the TV. Please check it out
  5. Happy Birthday Kuma

    Dog Pictures Forum
    It's my Akita's (Kuma) birthday today. He turned 3
  6. Doubts about Kuvasz

    General Dog Forum
    Hi, I'd like to know a few things about this breed and if a kuvasz would be a good guard dog. Is it difficult to train? Is it too aggressive? I live in Brazil (sorry for grammar mistakes) and this is not a common breed around here and I'he heard different opinions: Dog breeders say they're great...
  7. How important is Heartworm medication??

    Dog Health Questions
    Just out of curiosity, my friend a vet tech, told me she didn't think heart worm medication (heartguard) wasn't completely necessary. I have 2 healthy dogs, both from animal shelters and have given them their heartgurad on a monthly basis as long as I've had them. Since they live in a clean...
  8. Question about dogs and wild pigs....

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, how's everyone this morning? Ok, here's the deal. I'm from Louisiana and I live way, way, way in the country. I have alot of acreage. We have a huge problem with wild hogs here. They have destroyed my pasture from rooting up the ground. I also see them when I go running, and as you know...