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grooming question

  1. Best shears for paw fur - straight or curved

    Dog Grooming Forum
    My Golden Retriever Leah nails grow like weeds, as does her paw fur. That means frequent nail trims preceded by trimming of her paw fur. I'm tired of the cheapo shears that are so dull. I want to get a set of professional groomer shears. I'm eyeing the Chis Christensen 5" Artisan Shears. But I'm...
  2. Hair Loss!

    Dog Grooming Forum
    My Australian Shepherd has lived in California with some family for about two years now. He is from a Working Aussie breeder in Alaska, and has really good health. He never really had hair loss before, so I checked for fleas, ticks, parasites, and there are none that I can visibly notice. He...
  3. Alternative Scottie haircut

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Hello everyone, I have a 10 month old Scottie and called Douglas (dougie). He is soon to be groomed for the second time but the thing is I hate his eyebrows and I'm not a fan of the beard either! I like it on miniature schnauzers but not on Scotties! I was wondering if any of you know of any...
  4. puppy cut for a mini schnauzer

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I have a customer that would likea puppy cut on a adult minature schnauzer, I am just concerned on ideas for the face. any suggestions. She wants all one length, longer because of winter, but doesn't want standard head. I asked her to see if she could find some pictures of what she is looking...