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great dane

  1. Jax the dane sporting his chiefs jersey!!!lol!!!!!!

    General Dog Forum
    Just wanted to share JAX's CHIEFS Jersey pic taken on the day he turned 19 weeks old! LOL! Thoughts and comments!
  2. New member here! Great dane puppy owner!!!

    Attention All New Members
    Hello, I am Andrew and a Great Dane owner. He is 14 weeks old and a beautiful Merel Male. He is a few weeks post ear crop and his ears are already standing great!
  3. Great Dane sudden onset of aggression to other dogs

    Attention All New Members
    We have a 3 year old neutered Great Dane. He was well socialized as a puppy, and is generally an all around friendly and personable dog. We have always made at least weekly trips to the dog park and he has always done great with other dogs. About 6 months ago we moved across the country and...
  4. Hi Everyone

    Attention All New Members
    Just joined this morning. It's been a tough week in our family. Our 11 yr old Coton de Tulear crossed the rainbow after a nearly year long battle with congestive heart failure. We feel lost, the house is so empty and quiet, we keep finding reasons to not go home. I'm not sure when but soon...
  5. Poop eating great dane puppy

    Attention All New Members
    Hello.. my husband and I are the owners of a beautiful 4 month old great dane puppy. He recently started eating his own poop! Yuck. No matter what he will not stop!! .. he is on a high quality vet food.. but I recently grabbed the bag for smaller breed ( same stuff just smaller sized pellets) ...
  6. My Great Dane (9 & half years) has Ascites. No cure.

    Attention All New Members
    Hi I am new here. Ihave a GreatDane. He is 9&half years of age. His name is Rambo and is suffering from Ascites. His belly has swolen up from fluids. This has happened due to his heart failing slowly. So the surgery is not an option as of now. The doctor said the condition cannot be cured but...
  7. Great Dane - Siberian Husky mix

    Attention All New Members
    I have a Great Dane - Siberian Husky cross named Echo and I'm really curious as to how big she'll be. When we got her (she was 8wks) she was 10 lbs, we went to the vet last week and she was about 32 lbs. This is 39 days difference. If anyone has/had a Dane-Husky mix or knows a lot about the...
  8. Young dog separation anxiety?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    We recently got a young dog from my cousins, who are the typical 'get a puppy, love it when it's a puppy, hate it and give it away when it's an adult' kind of people. He's under a year old, and he's a great dane. I'm home throughout the day because I do classes online, and we have a gate...
  9. My first show dog?

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    Since I was 5 years old I knew I wanted a show dog. I saw my first dog show on animal planet and from then on I was hooked! My family bred Hunting/Companion Golden Retrievers and although I LOVE the breed including my own Golden Retriever Navajho I know I want something different. I worked with...
  10. Thinking about getting a Great Dane

    General Dog Forum
    So, I'm just finishing school and plan to move out soon, and have been seriously thinking about getting a great dane puppy. I think they look beautiful, and would really like a large dog. However, I have never owned a large dog. I have family and friends who have had large breed dogs, have gone...
  11. Great Dane with Ehrlichia

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi guys, I have a 10 month great dane puppy he was diagnosed with ehrlichia more than 3 weeks ago, he was wobbly at first and is having problems standing up and walking but on the third day of taking doxycillin he could not walk. 20 days had already passed and he is still on meds, he seems to...
  12. Huge messes at the water bowl! PLEASE help!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My 18 month old Great Dane/English Mastiff Hybrid makes a HUGE mess every time she goes to her water bowl. I want to keep her on a self-watering bowl since she drinks a lot and I already have to refill her (2 gallon capacity) Big Dog Water fountain twice a day. (I don't want her going without...
  13. Hello from Little Rhody

    Attention All New Members
    Sammy my big boy came from Rescue in Mississippi. He looks like a lab retriever for the most part but is definitely too large to be a pure bred. He is 110 lbs and is very tall. It looks like he may have some Great Dane, or hound (his ears are a bit longer than the typical lab and the top line...
  14. Great Dane peeing blood, NOT UTI

    Dog Health Questions
    :wink:I have a 4 year old neutered Great Dane who back in May 2012 drank excessively and began peeing blood... I immediately took him to the vet and they diagnosed him w/ a UTI. Gave him mediciation and it worked for a few days and then back to blood in the urine. Took him back and they did a...
  15. I'm making my puppy neurotic and don't see any other choices

    General Dog Forum
    We rescued a stray from the desert. Way too big a dog for us, appears to be a great dane/husky mix about a year old. Great heart, very social, no aggression but some separation issues. I couldn't give him to a shelter...I tried, none would take him. So I got him neutered and fixed up and on...
  16. MRSA won't go away...

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a 6-year old Great Dane girl, Leia. She was diagnosed with a MRSA (methicillin-resistant staph) infection, and it's been over 2 months, and the infection doesn't seem to respond to treatments. I guess it all started about 3-4 months ago. One day my brother texted me that she must have...
  17. Breed question. Great Dane/Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix. Pictures!

    General Dog Forum
    I'm wondering if anyone can help me figure out what breed my dog is. I got her from a rescue and they told me she was a lab mix with a Catahoula leopard dog. I think she is obviously part Dane and many people have told me that. In her oldest picture she is around 9 months. Anyone have any input...
  18. Pulling on the Leash After Other Dogs! HELP!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have a 6 month old Great Dane/Italian Mastiff and he is great except on walks. I live on a street with about 7 dogs and whenever we go for a walk, if he sees a dog he pulls to go over to them. He has broken several leashes from pulling. He is around 110 pounds and growing quickly and I just...
  19. Hi from Tucker!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Tucker is a 3 year old Great Dane / Rotweiler / Black Lab mix... probably more or less! He's a mutt, and he's happy, and we love him! :D
  20. New Member- Hi there!

    Attention All New Members
    Hey everyone- I'm new to the forums and I'm excited to talk with you all. I grew up with my best friend Rusty, a golden retriever with a big heart. We lost him when I was in college but he had a good life. Since then my family hasn't gotten another dog yet, and my landlord doesn't allow pets...