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grain free

  1. Thoughts on Grain Free?

    Dog Food Forum
    I'd like to just get an idea about how strongly people here feel (or not) about grain-free kibble. My head is spinning with all of the conflicting things I read online. So far, I'm not convinced that grain-free is necessarily superior to 'regular' food for dogs who don't have obvious digestion...
  2. Ear infections as related to dog food?

    Dog Food Forum
    Somebody posted in a thread I read that she couldn't feed a food that had grains because her dog was allergic and got ear infections from it. I've also read comments elsewhere where people say things like " the problems with ear infections caused by potatos" (or something like that) I'm new to...
  3. What's the fuss about grain free?

    Dog Food Forum
    When I go shopping for dogfood I see more and more bags, usually $10 more for the big bag, that advertise being grain free. My science reading tells me that they've found domestic dogs are endowed with the enzymes required to digest starch .. . I have seen various rice > wheat > corn studies...