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  1. Glucosamine supplement for puppies

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a 4.5, going on 5 month old puppy Lab mix, at around 35 lbs by now. Is there a benefit to getting her started on Glucosamine supplements to avert/mitigate future joint issues? If so, what products would you recommend?
  2. Why does my dog's legs giveout randomly?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello people. How is everyone doing today? Background info on my dog: Golden Retriever. Approximately 13 years old. Not underweight or overweight. He is a house dog, he stays inside all day except when he goes out to go to the bathroom. He is not walked habitually nor has he ever been. (Please...
  3. Westie Owner from Los Angeles

    Attention All New Members
    Hello fellow dog lovers. Our family has a 8 year old Westie. He loves life, especially being the center of attention with 6 kids under 9 years old. :) I have recently partnered with a medical lab that has been manufacturing MSM, Chondroitin and Glucosamine supplements for dogs with Hip & Joint...
  4. Human Glucosamine powder for dogs?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi I heard that it's okay to feed my 7yo shih tzu boy human glucosamine supplement rather than buying the overpriced pet joint supplements. I am thinking of buying "Nutra Life MSM Glucosamine Chondroitin Joint Food Powder 1kg Ligaments Cartilage" which contains: Per Serving (30g) Glucosamine...
  5. Fish Oil and Glucosamine question

    Dog Health Questions
    hi everyone, I've noticed that Butters is already exhibiting joint problems on our walks, her back legs seem stiff at times and bowed towards the centre, and sometimes she lifts one up, and seems like she tries to kick it out (luxating patella??). I need to take her to the vet to get an xray...
  6. Joint supplements for young dog with early elbow incongruities?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, Our 9 mo lab mix (?) puppy (now about 53 lbs and pretty lean) had an episode of limping at about 7 months, and had an xray several weeks later which revealed some hereditary growth-related incongruities in the elbow (the precursors to elbow dysplasia). He has not gotten worse, but still...
  7. Vitamin Questions

    Dog Health Questions
    So I went to Target and bought some Pro-Pet Puppy & Small Breed Daily Vitamin Supplement and Pro-Pet Glucosamine Plus Joint Care. I bought the Glucosamine Plus Joint Care mainly for Kodi because when he was a puppy he (before we adopted him) suffered a leg injury that still effects him...
  8. Glucosamine & Chondroitin HELP

    Dog Health Questions
    So, it's not "official" but it's extremely likely that my 70lb Weimaraner has Hip Dysplasia as all the signs are pretty obvious-- which is probably why her owners gave her up at the pound. But the vet was nice enough not to "diagnose" her because we're still looking for insurance that covers...