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  1. My pug puppy lived through distemper. There is still hope.

    Dog Health Questions
    I am posting this because when I was looking for hope on the internet less than a month ago, there was very little to be found. If you are searching for answers because your fur child has been diagnosed with canine distemper, I am not a veterinarian so this is only my experience, but I am here...
  2. Soft Stool

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello doggy parents. My puppy born January 17 2017, had a sudden bout of uncontrollable diarrhea and fatigue a couple weeks ago. I freaked out thinking it might be parvo even though he has had the vaccine 4 times. So I took him to the vet and his parvo test was negative thank goodness. It...
  3. City life, Giardia and fecal waste plants parading as dog parks, Oh my!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi eveyrone! I have a few questions regarding the title mentions. My husband and I live in a condo in the city, we recently adopted our first dog, Benji. Who is a rescue. This week he was tested for Giardia and it came back positive, despite the doctor thinking he seemed like a perfectly healthy...
  4. How do you give your dog his medications? & How do you cook his chicken broth?

    Dog Health Questions
    We adopted a 2 year old rescue dog six days ago. His name is Benji and he's a 9lb chi mix (we think chi-terrier). On Tuesday he had his first vet visit - he's up to date on all his shots and they said he wasn't necessarily due for a visit, but we wanted to establish a primary vet Doctor as soon...
  5. Chronic Giardia issues?

    Dog Health Questions
    I own a 7 month old dog. She tested positive for Giardia when she was about 4 months old after I noticed she had an immense amount of diarrhea overnight. (I regret bringing her to a muddy dog park earlier that day where she might have caught the parasite from...and yes, she has all her...
  6. tummy trouble

    Dog Health Questions
    We have only had our puppy for 5 weeks, and have been to the vet 2 times for upset tummy issues. The first visit showed giardia, so we got antibiotics. He ate beef and rice for a few days, then seemed to be better. We changed his food gradually and from the rice to kibble and he was good for a...
  7. Please Help Me and My Dog Maximus

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, we took our dog to the Vet last Friday because our uncle saw him ingest motor oil the night before, we had only found out when he told us the other day. It came back negative for any trace but our dog was still looking very sick. The other day we took him to the Veterinary hospital to...
  8. My sick little puppy!

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone.. I am new to this website and am in need of some advice from you dog owners! (Please) I bought a new cairn terrier puppy 29 days ago (he was born May 30,2011) and 2 days after getting him I took him for his second set of shots and a check up. A few days after this Griffin started...