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german shephard

  1. found this cute pupopy today

    Attention All New Members
    Hi there I am a farmer from northern Morocco , today I have found this puppy and wanted to ask you guys about its race , I am not an expert in dogs and that's why I am posting here , thank you
  2. advice on rescuing a dog.

    General Dog Forum
    I have been researching dogs to rescue for some time. I finally went and visited a few. I did all the temperament testing I could. I used The Sternberg’s 12-step program for adoption. Which i found on petfinder.com. I found a 9 month old german shepherd mix..that I was almost certain I wanted...
  3. GSD Old Style

    General Dog Forum
    Hi Guys I was talking to my hubby the other day and he said he would rather us get a GSD over a BC cause he wants a dog that people think of as being a protector as I spend alot of time home by myself, However when I was looking into it i noticed that GSD have gotten smaller and differently...
  4. Dante's first studio shot!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    well, not the first, but the first studio session. Dante is my 1 year old pup that I rescued, shy little guy at first, but ive slowly introduced him to the camera, and built up to being comfortable around it and now he poses for photos
  5. Help! What's the breed of my puppy??

    Dog Pictures Forum
    All responses are greatly appreciated :):)
  6. In Memory of My Dog

    Pet Memorial Forum
    A new social network for grieving pet owners to post blogs, pix and videos of beloved deceased pets. Created in memory of Pebbles, my beloved German Shephard of 12 years. RIP Pebbles and try not to chase cats up in pet heaven. http://www.inmemoryofmydog.com
  7. German Shepherd trait

    General Dog Forum
    Somebody recently told me that a trait of German Shepherds is that they become very attached to one person and then become protective of them, also they tend to follow that person around and listen only to them. I had never heard of this before and I was wondering if it was true.