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german shepeard. labrador

  1. Belgian malinois + lab mix OR German shepherd + lab mix ????

    General Dog Forum
    Hi, ive bin wondering what breed my dog is, i didnt have the privilege of meeting her parents when i got her but her papers said she was a shepherd lab mix but she really looks like a belgian malinois mix , just the way her body is shaped and her markings. What do you guys think?? ide like some...
  2. So Does Brody look like a G shepherd/lab mix?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    What do you think he is..
  3. hi, need advice from knowleadgeable dog pack leaders :)

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    hey everyone, I'm new to this forum so just wanted to take this line to say hi. .... .... ... hi! :) That being said, the reason that made me register is that after a much (MUCH!) reading we're considering getting a dog for our household, however I am having trouble chosing the breed. The dog...