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german shepard

  1. Spots on nipples

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a German Shepard and she has these black spots in the top of her nipples. Are these normal?
  2. Meet Anubis The German Husky

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hi everyone! This is Anubis, a year and a half old German Shepherd Husky mix. This is my first ever pawmate and I have had him since he was 6 weeks. He's been a handful but wouldn't trade him for the world lol :)
  3. Archie, our 9-month old German Shepherd puppy ...just passed away

    Pet Memorial Forum
    It's hard to describe what just happened to our puppy. Only 6 weeks ago, he was active and full of life. At one point he started to have problems walking. After a referral by our local vet to a specialist clinic, he was diagnosed with Stage 5 Lymphoma cancer. In a matter of days he had...
  4. Guess my dogs breed?

    Attention All New Members
    I adopted Zeus when he was 8 weeks, the person who gave him to me said the person she got him off of said he was Pitbull Lab. Dad was supposedly pit and lab and mom was straight pit. Me and the lady both agreed he looked more pitbull German Shepherd. I've heard Rhodesian Ridgeback as well. So...
  5. Good Home-made Food (Plus Treats) Recipes for St Bernard/German Shepherd Mix?

    Dog Food Forum
    I am wondering if there are people on this forum that create their own food for their dog? I am not looking for "raw", but I am wanting cooked recipes specifically made for larger dogs, if not for Saint Bernards and German Shepherds. I've checked a lot of different websites for recipes, but...
  6. HELP! Roomates dog is purposely chewing up things!

    General Dog Forum
    Okay...so my roommate rescued a 1 year old shepard/lab/husky mix about 4 months ago. After showing extreme territorial, fear and dog aggression as well as severe seperation anxiety (running away even with me being home unless he's tied up), and having a dog behaviourist come in and meet him...
  7. Help me identify my mutt!

    General Dog Forum
    Hello! This is Kaiser. I adopted him about 2 months ago, and was told by the shelter that he was a German Shepherd / Husky mix. Each day he looks less and less like a shepherd, and I was hoping for some input on what he could possibly be. I love this little boy more than anything, regardless of...
  8. New Member with a GSD and a Husky

    Attention All New Members
    Hello Dog friends! I own a 1 year old sable female German Shepherd out of working lines named Athena and an ASPCA rescued woolie husky named Shadow. I am joining this forum because I need to get back into training and being active with my dogs. I trained my first dog using mostly positive...
  9. Hi everyone :)

    Attention All New Members
    I registered ages ago but never used this! But now needing some advice or any tips on the behaviour or my Belgium gsd. Not too sure how to use this so il just ask here. She is a lovely 4 year old German/Belgium shepherd cross. Loves people, although if wary of someone or something different she...
  10. How do I train my German Shepherd to be less crazy and actually listen.

    General Dog Forum
    So my German Shepherd, Hunter, gets WAY too crazy when I go outside to play with him. He constantly bites my ankles very hard and uses my arm like a chew toy and it hurts a lot. He also jumps on me non-stop. When he meets my dad he a lot less crazy and doesn't bite or jump mainly because my dad...
  11. So I am new to this and i really need to find my puppys bread and info please

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    So this is my puppy. We think he is a german shepherd mixed with lab or akita.. Not sure, we took him to the vets and h already weighs 27 pounds and he is only 3 months old as of the 15th. any info would be appreciated. -Maria
  12. What breed am I?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Please tell me what breed you think Kiera might be. I adopted her 2 months ago and would like to narrow down breed possibilities for health and training purposes. She is about 8 months old and wieghs 60 lbs. She is almost as tall as my friends 120 lbs Great Dane.
  13. Help! I dont know what my puppy is!

    General Dog Forum
    Ok, so I attached pictures of my 3 month old puppy Stella, Stella is very energetic and could literally run for hours. She was listed as a bichapoo, but does not resemble one at all. Her hair is completely strait, her tail is always curled, and her ears are pointy & up. On the farm we went to...
  14. Separating two dogs?

    General Dog Forum
    My husband and I are currently living with my parents. Within the household we have the family dog, a six year old German Shepherd, and my husband and I also have a dog, a one year old teacup Chihuahua. We brought the Chi home when he was just two or three months old and since then the two dogs...
  15. Jackie My Rescue dog

    Dog Pictures Forum
    This is my dog Jackie! she is a rescue dog, I got from a friend that he got from the pound. He could no longer care for her so i took her. Here are Pictures of her. She loves to play fetch. I recently taught her to lay down on command.
  16. Best solution for dog that jumps fence?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello I have a German shepherd that likes to jump the fence when given the opportunity and by this I mean if nothing is blocking the gates she will jump because the opp is there. Right now there are chairs pots and things blocking the fence the problem is that this prevents up from entering and...
  17. I've Just Lost My Best Friend

    General Dog Forum
    Ive just had my best friend Max a 12 year old German Shepard put down. Monday I live with my parents as I've just finished Uni, max has been my best friend since I was 9 years old. My dad bought him for me as my first pet for my birthday and he's been my shadow ever since. He waits at the door...
  18. Issues housbreaking and destructive behavior

    Dog Training Forum
    We just adopted a 1.5/2 year (best guess) pup from a rescue group. He's a Staffordshire Terrier/German Shepard mix (best guess). We've only had him for a week and I expected behavior issues, just looking for advice to see if I can speed things up. Every time we leave the house, whether it's...
  19. Dangerously high white blood cell count

    Dog Health Questions
    I have been posting on here about my 16 month old German Shepard. She is finally starting to produce red blood cells and started a new antibiotic last night. This is the first antibiotic that has done anything. She didn't respond to any of the many antibiotics she had for the past few weeks. The...
  20. German Shepard very sick

    Dog Health Questions
    I had previously posted about my 16 month old German Shepard: http://www.dogforums.com/dog-health-questions/111785-16-month-old-german.html The visit to the hospital yesterday was not very well. All they could say was that her white blood cell count was still very high and she is unable to...