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  1. Luffy’s Genetics

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello. I’m Erin and was wondering about my dog, Luffy Bear’s eyes and coat. I recently adopted him from the shelter and they said that he was a Lhasapoo. He’s definitely a poodle mix though. I’m curious about his eyes. I’ve never seen a dog with geometric shapes in his eyes and was wondering...
  2. Should I be worried about her coat???

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have a nine month old mix breed (bichon/ cavalier) and I am literally worried about every single thing she does. Anything from a cough to her chewing on something she shouldn't, the list is endless. The reason I'm posting though is because of her coat. When I got her she had a white coat...
  3. Papillon Genetic Health Testing

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm thinking about breeding Papillons and I'm trying to find out about genetic health testing. I found a list of things I could test for: -Patellar Luxation -Progessive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) -hip dysplasia -elbow dysplasia -hypothyroidism -von Willebrand's disease -thrombopathia I asked my...
  4. Coat Color Genes: What Color is Nea?

    General Dog Forum
    I know squat about color genetics. But I was really curious as to what color, genetically, Nea is. For one, she was born with brown-tipped white hair, which has grown out into solid white as she matured. But, mixed in with that white, are some blonde and a few stray black/very dark brown hairs...
  5. Pet Peeves About Breed Myths!

    General Dog Forum
    I just have to get this off my chest. I'm sure there are others out there that always hear from people, over and over, the same myths about their breed of dog! Most commonly, of course, you pit bull folks... but there are others too, I'm sure! I will start out with my NUMBER ONE pet peeve breed...