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  1. Herding games for puppy?

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 12-ish week old Corgi puppy. He shows some pretty strong herding instinct. I've gotten him to not nip my heels when I'm letting him chase me. But I'd feel bad to train the herding instinct out of him completely. I was wondering if there are any good games I could play with him to help...
  2. Puzzle Toys: What do you use?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi there, I'd like some opinions on the different puzzle toys. I have two different shaped stuffable kong toys. One bone shaped and very open and the other ball shaped with two openings (one very narrow crumb-sized and the other dollar coin (loonie) sized. The ball is useful, the bone is only...
  3. Exercise and Stimulation

    General Dog Forum
    Okay, so I will be honest. I'm a pretty lazy person. However, I try to do my best to ensure that my dogs are exercised and stimulated properly. I am looking for new things to stimulate and exercise them, though. I am sure they are getting bored of the things we do, just like I am. Also, all of...
  4. Silly dog...

    General Dog Forum
    I am looking for fun ways to play with my dog and nice activities to keep him busy. The thing is that he doesn't like tennis balls, sticks, squeakies, and generally any other toy that I have presented to him. He plays fetch every now and then because I taught him to do so, but he doesn't seem to...
  5. Need game suggestions for my dog

    General Dog Forum
    I have a 3 year old puggle (estimated age, she was adopted and that was the best guess the vets could give me). She was very playful when we first got her (FEB 2011), but now she's just kind of...blah. I try chasing her, and having her chase me, but she gets bored after about 5 minutes. She will...
  6. Treibball new herding game

    Dog Training Forum
    I was looking for a way to harness a city border collie sheep Herding ability I found this Treibball http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBJ9DVp9dyM how to teach Treibball http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFpH_WLC4qs&NR=1 I want to know if you think this will help I was like yes a way to uses those...
  7. I have an idea.

    Suggestions / Feedback
    I think there should be a game section where we can compete each other, there should be like high scores on tetris, and stuff. I think.
  8. Is playing tug okay?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    We have a 3 mo old lab/border collie cross. I play tug with her and it's evident that she really enjoys it; she'll grab her tug toy and bring it to me when she wants to play. Since it's an easy game to play with her and she enjoys it, I generally oblige, unless I'm busy with something. My...