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  1. Siberian husky in a dog team. Running in the forest. Riding in sledge with a siberian husky dog team

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    The lovely Siberian Husky puppies gave me comfortable moments in the cold snowy season. You will feel relaxed
  2. Funny Dog Video

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    Hello everybody, What do you think about this video named "funny dog video", which I liked so I decided to share it with you. Video Link: http://netu.tv/watch_video.php?v=O8RKKO9K2SNN
  3. Check out this funny Bichon..

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    I don't really understand what he found in the grass...
  4. Managed to capture this funny video of my dog at the park!

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    Well, it's not a picture, but a short video I managed to get of my dog at the park. She had carried her ball into the water and it was making her quite upset, so we had to resort to throwing sticks instead. Thought I'd share it since it managed to give us a laugh.
  5. The best 60 seconds in my dog's day!

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    I saw this video and thought it was really funny. I love it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpF4Ikxn_yM humbucker
  6. Funny things that your dog does or has done in the past

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    This thread is for those of you who have dogs who have odd (funny) little behaviors that you feel like sharing with the rest of us. Kodiak 'Kodi' is pretty funny. He'll dance for his food or his ball, try to jump on the couch or bed and miss (we need to work on his trajectory -_-), bark at the...
  7. And the dog says... Meow!

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    Funny Smart Dog Meows Smart dog meows like a cat, puts toys away & eats at table like a regular person. A perfect cats meow! Maggie the Black Ashton is well known locally as a loving and special dog.