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  1. What am I doing wrong?? (related to walks and manage frustrations)

    Attention All New Members
    It's a long post, I very much appreciate anyone reading it and giving advice or criticism! Every time I take pup on walk training outside, half of me die physically, emotionally and spiritually. Background, I live in an apt, puppy is 5 months old and pee-pad trained at home; he is also a big...
  2. 5 month old puppy jumping and biting is getting worse

    Dog Training Forum
    My airedale terrier who just turned 5 months old first started lunging and biting at my family and our clothes when he was about 2 1/2 or 3 months old. When he first started it was pretty much only in the backyard during play and when we would come inside after being in the yard. It then...
  3. Feeling like a Second Fiddle

    Attention All New Members
    HELP...I just moved together with boyfriend and his 3-year old Pug into a new home for us both. I had no clue of the bond between BF and Pug. The dog sits on his lap and lays on his entire body while licking and licking and licking his face. When I attempt to sit next to my BF the dog sits...
  4. New Pooch

    Attention All New Members
    Hi Everyone I'm Colleen from Montana... I just recently got a deaf border collie not totally sure how old he is we think just shy 2 years old.... AND we are struggling with him.... His name is Dervish after a whirlling dervish because he spins in circles and barks non stop.... He doesn't...
  5. picking up objects - getting frustrated

    Dog Training Forum
    hi! I am training my young standard poodel to pick up a glasses case and a wallet. both objects are difficult for her to pick up and carry but she CAN do it. lately she has been giving up and wont go and get it anymore. she gives me that look and lies down.. she would only do it with treats...