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  1. What am I doing wrong?? (related to walks and manage frustrations)

    Attention All New Members
    It's a long post, I very much appreciate anyone reading it and giving advice or criticism! Every time I take pup on walk training outside, half of me die physically, emotionally and spiritually. Background, I live in an apt, puppy is 5 months old and pee-pad trained at home; he is also a big...
  2. Dog mouthing is making me crazy. Literally.

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, there. I am in need of some help, and need a new way to approach mouthing training. (I've posted about this before.) We've had Dobby a few weeks now, and his mouthing is just getting worse. We are using the ASPCA time out guide, and are consistently following it, but the mouthing is just...
  3. Employment Vent

    Off Topic
    I found out a couple of weeks ago, through a conversation with my direct supervisor, that due to budget cuts my position was being terminated. However, no official dates have ever been mentioned and I have not (to date) received a letter of termination. While my boss is my direct supervisor...
  4. Was I appropriate?

    General Dog Forum
    So, Snowball and I were out for a walk this afternoon in the fresh snow that fell yesterday. Our normal route takes about 30 minutes, which takes us through ~30 ft of on-leash forested trail that runs along the soccer field that we normally walk though. (The 30 ft is from the soccer field...
  5. Puppy barking when put in crate. HELP!

    General Dog Forum
    this post has been deleted by user.