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  1. Specific frisbee training question

    Dog Training Forum
    I've trained my 6 mo year old Mini Aussie puppy to catch a frisbee in the air, but only if it's a really short distance or if I use commands to move him in position away from me so he's far enough away to catch before I throw. I can't seem to get him to either start running before I throw the...
  2. Frisbee training & 1st year of dog's life

    Dog Training Forum
    I was watching this excellent video on how to train a dog to catch a Frisbee, and halfway through I heard we shouldn't be promoting a puppy to jump during the first year. I'm assuming that's due to the shock on the joints, but it may also be because during that same year we are trying to...
  3. Aussie Flying Disc issues!

    General Dog Forum
    I've been trying to teach my young Aussie frisbee and I've been happy with the results. He can catch it straight ahead with no problem, and is starting to catch it thrown at a slight angle away from him, but he doesn't get chasing it down and catching it at a distance yet. While I'd appreciate...
  4. Disc dog training HELP

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    I have a puppy that I'm sure is part Border Collie about 6 months old. She likes the frisbee alot. She chases it and sometimes catches it..then she will lose interest sometimes, not completely just not very focused... I throw lots of rollers and try to keep her interested... I think she is tired...
  5. My dog sports thread!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Sense it's almost summer,there for dog sports and shows are starting I thought despite not being any sort of pro I could post some pics. I also will keep posting pics this summer and some old ones as well. Agility,conformation,herding,flyball and frisbee demo's,other random demos, and maybe...
  6. frisbee dogs -Can any other breed match Border Collies at this? Best time to teach?

    General Dog Forum
    Do thter breed rival BC's at Frisbee? Would a mixed breed dog with BC be inferior to a pure bred? Is there much difference when training is begun? This isn't for competition just play. We already adopted a toller who shows no interest. There are 6, 9m month nad 1 years old Border Collies up...
  7. NOva Scotia DUck Tolling Dog or Border Collie or ? Frisbee player?

    General Dog Forum
    This is the doggie we brought home from the pound. She is mostly a lazy dog and has not barked but that is common the first 2 weeks with rescues. They said Border Collie but I was told by someone else Nova Scotia Duck tolling dog which they claim is somewhat rare and easily mistaken. We love...
  8. Border collie frisbee problems

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    So my Border collie benji is a fetch addict at 6.5 months of age. Returns the frisbee every time and is getting better at catching it out of the air. The only problem is that he doesnt chase after it while its in my hand. He wont circle around me to get a running start. He just stares at me...
  9. Frisbee Training Tips?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, So I was wondering if any of you dog owners, trainers etc. have any tips or advice on Frisbee Training young adult dogs. I am looking into it as a way to give my border collie/husky mix exercise (I appoligise if I spelled that wrong) and as a fun thing for her and I to do in our huge...
  10. Sparky, my dog is starring in the fastest Dog Rock Video ever made, youtubelink below

    Dog Pictures Forum
  11. Boston Terrier Frisbee Vid..

    General Dog Forum
    So I got bored and decided to put my random phone videos to use, and I got the chance to try out my upgraded iMovie. Remember, small dogs are people, too! Wait.. you know what I mean..
  12. My pup won't pay attention to me at a dog park

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a german shepherd x labrador retriever mix (DANTE) pup who will turn 1 in a few days. He was a shelter rescue. The first two weeks, he was a shy and afraid guy. I spent lots of time with him, and took him around to dog parks and friends houses to meet other people and dogs. He would...
  13. Does your dog...

    General Dog Forum
    I have a 1-year-old male Boston Terrier, my first dog, and it amazes when I hear things like "Wow, I didn't think Bostons jumped in water to retrieve things" or "wow, your Boston likes hiking?" or "your Boston plays frisbee?" He's obsessed with playing frisbee. He loves hiking. He loves walking...
  14. Hello from Shreveport La!!!

    Attention All New Members
    Hello all.. This is Fox!! He's my rescued dog and did I get lucky!!! :clap2: I really don't know what breed he is? I like to mess with people and tell them he's a mini german shepherd. He stands a little over a foot tall from floor to his back and he's about a foot and half long not including...