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  1. Site Sponsors Marketplace
    Time to get that new chew toy or leather leash you've been eyeing!! Dog forum members get a bonus $10 off orders over $50! Head to our site now! Offer expires at the end of the week, June 14th! **www.pennyschoice.com** Use code PennyFBD. Enjoy!! Matt and Penny
  2. General Dog Forum
    Hi all, I m new to this great community, one week a go , i have adopted a german shepherd ( 3 month old ), i need a ebook please ,thats i can put in my ipad for learning some tips about basics dog training. Nina.
  3. Dog Training Forum
    Learn about many dog training techniques and train your dog to be obedient with this application! Understand your dog’s behavior and have a great relationship with your dog! - More than 900 dog training videos; new videos are added every day! - Dog training techniques: clicker dog training, dog...
  4. First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi, i have not had a dog yet, and am currently searching for a dog that will fit the requirements for my household. It needs to be dander free and not shed too much ( i would also prefer a dog that is big ). If someone could please tell me of a few dogs like this, that would be great! Thank You.
  5. Dog Pictures Forum
    If you are on facebook, check out www.facebook.com/dogstreats They are having a cute dog pic contest and giving away boxes of free Cloudstar treats. Not many people signed up yet so there is a fair shot at winning. Good luck!
  6. Dog Pictures Forum
    The Pet Sentinel is holding it's Funky Holiday Pet Photo Contest Entry Deadline - DECEMBER 18th Here's what you can win: -- Beautiful Wood and Pewter Photo Frames for your Beloved Pets -- Gourmet, All-Natural, Organic Cookies/Treats for that special someone who licks and purrs their way into...
  7. Dog Health Questions
    I do not work for UCAN in any way, shape or form. I just was posting this because i thought it would be a great thing and i wish someone had said it to me with Faith. Check out UCAN near you to see if they are having a wellness clinic. I know ours is this weekend and I plan to take Hope. They...
1-7 of 17 Results