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  1. Fracture during TPLO??

    Attention All New Members
    Looking for risks and benefits in the TPLO for a CCL tear. Also, is it possible (if so, how common) to inadvertently fracture a dog's fibula during surgery?
  2. Fractured Molar

    Dog Health Questions
    I found what I thought was a plaque on a back molar of my 6 year old Aussie and when I took her to the hygenist, (cleans her teeth without anesthesia like they do mine) she said it was a fractured tooth. She sheared off the top side of her P4 molar. Well, I called the vet to extract the tooth...
  3. Our puppy fractured his leg! Any advice welcome!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, We have had the pleasure of raising the most beautiful and crazy Bull Terrier (Elvis) for the last 4 months. I remember reading threads about mouthing/biting/socializing etc and thought that would be the biggest issues we'd face with him. But this past weekend changed everything. I was...