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food allergy

  1. Puppy survived parvo but now has intestinal issues

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi guys, I'm new here and wanted to see if anyone could relate to what my pup is experiencing. We adopted her at 8 weeks old, she was infected with parvo prior to adoption. Three days later we admitted her and it saved her life. Two week later she had her first set of vaccines. She has had...
  2. Food Allergy

    Dog Food Forum
    My 5 month old beagle has a food allergy. She has had mild diarreah since I got her 2 months ago. Not severe, and there's no signs of dehydration, but its still a cause for concern. She has been to the vet and tested for parasites and other problems, and she did have roundworms but has been...
  3. Looking for Ideas to Help Atopic (and/or food) Allergies

    Dog Health Questions
    Owen has what is probably a very unusual allergy. He doesn't have much of the normal skin symptoms of allergies (little dandruff sometimes is all), and he doesn't get external ear canal infections, or intestinal problems. He gets fluid buildup and infection BEHIND his ear drum, in the middle...