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  1. Need help developing focus and motivation for difficult McNab

    Dog Training Forum
    TLDR: treats don't work, strong environmental focus, play is inconsistent motivator, starting over training from scratch. I've had boots for about 9 months now. I got her as a puppy who had been more or less locked in a horse trailer for 6 months. She's a very sweet and somewhat worried McNab...
  2. Puppy just ignores me when calling her name.

    Dog Training Forum
    So shilohs doing good she knows sit stay lie paw and she's learning stay when we put her food down she will sit or lie and we will tell her to stay till we tell her to take. But outside even inside actually sometimes when calling her name she never looks at me she will just continue to walk on...
  3. How to teach an old dog new tricks and reinforce old ones

    Dog Training Forum
    I just adopted my dog Coco about a week ago. She's about a 2.5 year old chocolate lab/pit mix (the pound said she was a lab, but c'mon, look at that dog!). She was surrendered by her owner when her work schedule changed and then was put into foster care when she didn't handle the shelter well...
  4. All I Want to do is Play Fetch!

    Dog Training Forum
    I've read sososoo many threads on getting my puppy to play fetch with me, but she's completely 0% interested in the game. Okay... I'm selling her short. She's about 10% interested in the game. The only way I can get her to even go after the ball is if I either chase her, or race her to the...
  5. How do I train my dog to be... well, amazing?

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 14 1/2 wk old Purebred German Shepherd female pup. I want her to be really I guess.. well disciplined. For example, I want her to give me the focus and have the obedience that you see with say perhaps a police dog, or a border collie crouched waiting for his master to throw the...
  6. New puppy won't play with people

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi. My husband and I just brought home a 3 month old German Shepherd last month and we are running into some difficulties. This is my first time training a young puppy and could use some help. She was raised, up until we brought her home, outside with all of her siblings with little human...
  7. Clicker training help

    Dog Training Forum
    So I recently purchased a clicker and a training book to train Kaylee my two year old, somewhat recently, adopted australian shepherd/corgi mix (although these are approximated and based solely on appearance). The book promised me amazing and very fast results! I'm finding that I'm...
  8. Attention Command

    Dog Training Forum
    We've been busy training our 4 month old shepherd mix and she's been doing great (aside from frequent mouthing 'tantrums'). However when we take her to her puppy obedience classes she is the worst dog there - mainly because it is IMPOSSIBLE to get her to pay any attention to us with all of the...