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  1. Senior dog bed suggestions?

    General Dog Forum
    Looking for a bed for my 12 y/o 45 pound labmix. At night he climbs up to the bed with the help of stairs so I'm looking for a comfy spot during the day. He used to like a futon I had on my floor but we got rid of it. Seems foam is the way to go, memory foam with some other kind of high...
  2. Fall from bed

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a little yorkie, about 4.5lbs who fell from his bed last night. He sleeps on our chest we keep in front of the bed, it's about 1'6" tall. I picked him up and noticed a little blood around his nose and spit/foam around his mouth. He continued to sneeze for a while and laid around a little...
  3. Chest Congestion caused by lymphoma

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog has chest congestion caused by lymphoma. My vet has basically said there is nothing that can be done. But I would like to still try to help her as best I can. I thought that maybe walking her could possibly help break up the congestion. Does anyone have any experience with this or have...