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  1. First time on a plane with American Eskimo—Tips please? (Southwest)

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all, My American Eskimo and I will be emBarking on our first journey above the clouds for the Thanksgiving holiday. We would appreciate any and all tips or experiences. Breed specific would be better, but anything helps! Potty advice, barking/howling incidents, how dogs of this breed may...
  2. Flying Doggies!

    General Dog Forum
    So I'm going to Alaska and this being my second time there, and knowing how awesome trails are there, I want to take Oreo. So I just attach wings and hope for the best right? Ahahaha. :wink: Oreo is about 40-50lbs and the plane ride ranges between 15 - 20 hrs (9 hrs in the air). Would a plane...
  3. Flying with pets? Help needed.

    General Dog Forum
    New here, no idea if this is the correct forum for this type of question. If it's not I apologize! I will admit I haven't done much research on my own yet, simply because I'm not sure when or where we will be flying to, so I'm not even sure where to start looking for this information. My...
  4. Flying with your dogs - ever done it?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone, My name is Mel and I'm going to be flying from Denver, CO to Baltimore, MD in about a month with my 16 month old italian greyhound/rat terrier mix. My Shimmer is...tall and long-legged, and I'm worried about all of the rules and regulations about her being able to stand up etc...