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  1. Sport dog with possible CCL injury

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    My dog Cali, border collie mix, is 6 years old and has been competing in agility and flyball. However, her back leg started limping on and off for about a week, so we decided to take her to our general vet. The vet believes she has a torn CCL and suggested we take her to an orthopedic...
  2. Anyone do Flyball?

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    Sorry if there is a Flyball thread, but I didn't see one. My dog, Pita, and I have just started flyball. We're working with a coworker right now who competes her dogs and is part of a team. I will either join her team, or we will form our own team (her team is over an hour drive away and...
  3. Flyball

    Dog Training Forum
    We have an 11 week old Australian Shepherd that I'd love to get into some kind of sport in the future. I just heard about flyball the other day and discovered that there's a local team looking for members. I know that regular running isn't recommended until puppies are a little older to avoid...
  4. breed sugestions

    General Dog Forum
    I wanting a dog for agility , k9 freestyle and flyball and dog disc my qustion is what breed of dog would you sugest I get? grew up in the country and had kelpies and working dogs my whole life so i have experaince with working breeds been looking at geting a koolie or Australian Shepherds...