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  1. Moving Internationally

    General Dog Forum
    It's looking more and more likely that my hubby and I will move to China after I graduate. I've been doing some research on our options out there, but none of them seem particularly appealing. There's flying with the dog in cargo, but we've all heard the horror stories about dogs sitting in the...
  2. Flying Puppy Home?

    General Dog Forum
    Hey everyone, For all you breeders out there, I was curious on how hard it is to get flights for your puppies new homes? Our puppy is *supposed* to come home next week and I've yet to hear about the arrangements. I've asked a number of times about it, but my breeder just keeps telling me she...
  3. across the Atlantic with an old dog

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone, I am preparing to move to Vancouver, Canada from Europe, and for the last seven months I've been trying to find a safe way of bringing my elderly dog across the ocean, to not much avail so far. The dog suffers from separation anxiety, and a few vets I've consulted with said it...
  4. Cross-Country travel with Dog - help and advice please!

    General Dog Forum
    My puggle is 26 pounds (not overweight). She is too large to be carried-on into the cabin of the plane and flown under my seat (I did this once before when she was about 16 pounds), and I am TERRIFIED to fly her under the plane in cargo because of horror stories I've heard. We need to fly from...