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  1. Dog Health Questions
    So I'm not entirely sure if this is in the right place, so feel free to correct me. I live in the southeast US. Anyone else from that region can attest to how bad our weather is. We also seem to have more issues with fleas here than other places according to what I've read. The fleas in my...
  2. Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I have 2 labradors and every month I protect them against fleas and ticks applying the frontline treatment, and even it's effective I think it's a little expensive because it lasts only one month. I've heard about the new pill called "bravecto" or the neckless, have you proved those...
  3. Attention All New Members
    Hii so my name is Antoinette & I just got a puppy who is 6months old about 2weeks ago. Shes a pomeranian pug mix and very shy around other people, but she's more used to me now. We live in Nyc & I've recently taken her to the vet for her shots and heartworm meds. My question though is, the...
  4. Attention All New Members
    New... : ) Hello, I'm new to this site. Hope your all doing very well, and staying safe. I'm looking forward to some great conversations. Nice to be here... :)
1-4 of 6 Results