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flea treatment

  1. Bravecto 12-week Flea treatment

    General Dog Forum
    Our vet prescribed it to our 3-month old corgi puppy. Is anyone here using this product and what kind of feedback/experience do you have? We fed her the huge pill 2 days ago after cutting it into 4 pieces. Now I read online about some severe side effects like kidney failure, and there is a huge...
  2. Please help :(

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, I have a Belgian Shepherd that has a lot of fleas on him. I take for walks every day, 3 times a day and he really enjoys running like crazy and playing with other dogs. I already asked all my neighbors and they said their dogs don't have flea problems. I've noticed that my dog really...
  3. What's the point of flea treatments?

    Dog Health Questions
    What's the point if your pets just keep getting fleas over and over? I mean, I know that fleas can make animals sick so obviously you should treat them. But it just feels like such a waste of money. I take my dog outside everyday and fleas are out there to freely jump on her and I take her to...
  4. How do I say no to request for dogsitting in my home for a dog not on preventatives?

    General Dog Forum
    How can I say no to my colleague's request to watch his dog in my home for four days without causing a problem in our professional relationship? Over the last year he's watched my dog when I've been out of town, and I've done the same for him. I've since learned some upsetting information that...