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fighting dog

  1. Aggression from beagle

    Dog Training Forum
    I know, sounds crazy right?! Well heres the story and hopefully someone can offer some advice! We got Elvin in 2010, Opie in 2011. They were perfectly fine around each other. No issues at all, ever. We lived in apartments. We took them on walks. We took them to the dog park. They slept...
  2. The Bully Kutta -my ideas concerning its origin

    General Dog Forum
    The Bully Kutta and the Alaunt relation we have some pretty knowledgable people here, so i thought we could discuss the realtion of different breeds with the alaunt and i want to start with the bully kutta first. i would say the bully kutta has alaunt blood from two sides. most people will at...
  3. Dogs fighting

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello, I own two dogs. Prince (a 19 year old Peek-a-poo) and Scruffy (an approx. 2 year old laso-apso). For the most part they have gotten along, a couple minor scuffles but nothing I couldn't control. Then suddenly, for seemingly no reason, scruffy attacked prince, and continued biting him even...
  4. my new dog was a fighter and endangers my other animals

    General Dog Forum
    Bear is a part of the wounded worriors program as a service dog with the army and was assigned to my little brother to help him cope with his PTSD, they lived in texas for the last three months together and get along well but now my brother is finished with his time in the army and he gets to...
  5. My 2 dogs just can't get along..

    Attention All New Members
    hi, i have 2 female Mongrels..when they were young they do mingle a lot..but when my older dog, Sugar, start puberty, she becomes aggressive (most of the time) whenever i pet the other dog..maybe she's jealous? In result, I have to leash them and now I cannot walk them at the same time. I'm...
  6. I am scarred to take my dog back to the dog parks

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a Beagle-Pit Bull mix and I had a friend move in about 9 months ago with his pure Pit Bull it was like heaven for my dog Toby-Boyz for the first 7 months and one day while BBQ the 2 of them went at it I was able to break them up I scolded the 2 of them and they went on playing. about 1...