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  1. Hold Still! Good girl.

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Haha doesn't she look silly :D All Dressed Up... by Pareeeee, on Flickr
  2. A Photoshoot with Fidget!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Just took these photos a few minutes ago :p Hope you enjoy!
  3. Trick Time!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Fidget doing her tricks!! I just uploaded it - let me know what you think!!! :wink:
  4. Don't Stare at Me! (Video)

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Fidget doesn't like it when you stare at her.
  5. Fidget Photos - NEW Camera!!!!!!!!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    SO I got a new camera for Christmas. A Canon Powershot SX20IS. It is 12MP and has a 20x zoom. It's awesome. Want to see how awesome? Look at these photos...