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  1. Dog Health Questions
    Hello! I have a 50 pound 8 month old golden retriever that I have to wait until she is a year old to get spayed. I think she may be going into heat or is in heat? How do I know? I’ve noticed some very light dry blood spots on the places she lays and it seems redder in her area but I don’t see...
  2. Dog Training Forum
    Hey guys, I just wanted to know if you could help me and explain whats happening with our dog. We have a 5 month old female French Bulldog and have a peeing problem. During Christmas we stayed with our parents and thats when she learned that she is supposed to pee outside, she never once peed on...
  3. Attention All New Members
    Hello community!!:wave: I am a proud mommy to an adult female black labrador retriever, called Princess (she came with that name... didn´t have the heart to change it haha). I´m looking for advice on how to begin her training. Thrilled to meet you!
  4. Dog Health Questions
    hi all , so i just returned home to my female dog bleeding only to realise she is in heat , she is very young and so my family have been lapsing on getting her spayed for the longest while ,but now that she is in heat i am very worried about the situation since i know she will be unable to be...
1-4 of 4 Results