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  1. Heat blisters on dog's feet

    Dog Health Questions
    So I'm in South Carolina where it has been pretty darn hot lately (see below) and I've avoided taking my doggies for walks while the sun's out. Unfortunately this past weekend my pitbull had a vet appointment and I couldn't avoid taking him out during the heat of the day and as much as I tried...
  2. puppy randomly chews her legs and feet

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Milla is 13 weeks old and 21 pounds. She's on Wellness puppy large breed. She gets a half a Cosequin vitamin pill a day. (Instructions on bottle) She gets half to a full tablespoon of cold-pressed organic coconut oil a day. I hadn't heard of puppy growing pains until we got her. I'm not able...
  3. Nipping ang Biting Problem

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hey guys My 5 month old maltese keeps on biting/nipping my shoes/feet/slippers/pants... I don't really know what to do. I've tried the leave her alone for 30 seconds trick but she still bites me after :-( Sometimes when she bites I pull her head slowly from my foot, but i'm scared because she...
  4. Redness on my Dogs Feet

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the community and I wish I could have posted something more positive to contribute but I'm at my wits end about a strange red sore/rash that's developed on my dog's feet. This is appearing on all 4 feet and seems to start at the bottom or in between his pads. It...