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  1. The Fear of The Vet in Dogs

    Our doggies have memory. Often, they record the emotions associated with certain events and experiences, including visits to the veterinarian. When they return, these same feelings come back and can put the dogs in a state of stress. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to help him to go beyond...
  2. 10 Amazing things you may never know about DOGS

    In general, we’ll pay more attention to the problems that dogs often show up, so some of the unexpected fun facts would be ignored. But for the common knowledge of popular, or more uncommon trivia, we should all have a certain understanding, perhaps these humble knowledgeability will play a...
  3. How to Choose An Automatic Pet Feeder?

    How to choose an automatic pet feeder? Many pet lovers want furbaby to be healthy and be able to save time when it comes to feeding time. With many different pet feeders that you can buy and if this is your first purchase, it will become super confusing. Today I'm going to show you how to...
  4. Raised Feeders

    General Dog Forum
    I have been having a massive pain of a time trying to decide solidly on a feeder for Apollo. I have been torn on whether or not I should get a raised one because I have heard it helps with digestion and they don't have to bend their necks as much so it strains them less. So do they actually...