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  1. Could my gentle giant become a chicken killer?

    General Dog Forum
    Our big guy has lived with our chickens and ducks for 5+ years. He even allowed an orphan chick to bond to him, following him around, sleeping and riding on his head even while he walked around or ate. But mostly he completely ignores them as the share the yard. The past couple weeks he has...
  2. livestock training!

    Dog Training Forum
    hey yall, i have some questions about basic training around livestock- to get my lil guy to coexist with our animals, not as a guard animal. i've had a trainer out a couple times and she had some great pointers, such as building leadership with my dog [so he heels, leaves it better, etc] but i'm...
  3. Dogs + Chickens + Horses...? Help!

    Dog Training Forum
    I live on a hobby farm with free range 8 chickens, 7 people, 5 horses, and 1 cat. I want to throw a dog into the mix, but I want him/her to be able to roam free around the place (we don't really have fences), and the chickens and horses were there first: I want there to be peace in the kingdom...
  4. new farm puppies

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    hey guys, we recently picked up two beautiful black lab/border collie mixed puppies - brother and sister from the same litter. we are taking them to the vet on friday to get them checked out and discuss spaying/neutering and whatnot. our intention is that they are primarily outside dogs as...