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eye problems

  1. Jack Russel constantly scratching/rubbing eye

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi :wave: I have a 7 month old Jack Russel who is almost constantly rubbing his eye, it's not to the point where it begins to get puffy but I'm very worried as it's been going on for about a month, it also seems to leak a fluid (like he's crying). This is my first dog and my dad keeps saying not...
  2. Swelling around the eye?

    Dog Health Questions
    We noticed an area of swelling underneath my dog's eye beginning two days ago. it has recently become pink and looks to be scabbing up slightly around the swelling, and a bit above the eye as well. It doesn't cause him great irritation, but it does seem to bother him a bit. When I first saw the...
  3. French Bulldogs and Persistent pupillary membranes

    Dog Health Questions
    I need advice from experienced breeders please! I recently purchased a very nice female french bulldog puppy. She was advertised as "show quality" with no health issues. She had a pre purchase exam before she was flown to me. The breeders vet found no issues.Within minutes of having her I...
  4. Advice 4 my rescue puppy

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, my name is Tracy, from Louisiana. Im a new member,(quick history of situation) last week I came across a post about 2 rescued pups the mother had been run over, they werent old enough to be weaned yet.The girl that picked them up didnt want them but didnt want them hit by a car, I took...
  5. Eyes water when he eats...anyone else have this problem?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone, my 11 week old White Shepherd's eyes water when he eats. Its just clear tears but there is enough that they leave a 1/4-1/2 inch wet trail down his face. His eyes weep a little when he sleeps as well and I usually clean out a few small brown eye goobers in the morning. I clean...
  6. Shih tsu eye problem - please help

    Dog Health Questions
    Two days ago my 2 year old Shih tsu suddenly started crying and yelping and pawing at his eye. His left eye was bulging out of the socket. We took him immediately to pet emergency and they checked his eye pressure (normal), put the eye back and sewed it shut for five days. The vet says this...