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eye infection

  1. Advice needed - Yorkshire Terrier Eye infection?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi there, I'm hoping you can help me. My dog Terry, a Yorkshire Terrier has got some sort of eye infection in his left eye. At first I thought it was just sleeper goo, but on closer inspection last night while I was bathing him, I noticed it was more than usual. I picked it off (mistakenly) only...
  2. dogs possible dry eye condition

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello all, first time here. I have been browsing for issues related to dry eye condition in dogs. My almost 5 year old border collie lab mix just a week and a half ago started sneezing, two days of sneezing and it stopped but she was holding her right eye closed. I rinsed it out and and she...
  3. help - possible eye infection

    Dog Health Questions
    Hey all, Just joined to get a little help with my 1 yr old chihuahua Bella. All shots are up to date. She is eating normal ... bathroom normal ... Acting normal. Bella has been randomly(rarely) throwing up over the last 4 or 5 days and I've been trying to home in on whats causing it changing...
  4. my dog will not stop licking my another dog's face!!

    General Dog Forum
    I recently adopted a new dog, she is two. My own dog who is one year old, loves her too much, and will not leave her alone!! He will not stop licking her face, to a point that the skin around her eye area is turning red. If he doesn't stop, she is going to get an eye infection soon or later...
  5. puppy hates it when I touch her face!!

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm sure this is really common problem, Her eyes are red from irritation and I took her to the vet and he said it's mild so as long as I keep her eyes clean it should go away on its own.. here's the thing..my puppy HATES it when I touch her face. even if I approach her face very...