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  1. Too Excited That You're Home!

    Attention All New Members
    My 5 year old Staffordshire terrier (recently adopted) mauls us at the door. His excitement CONSUMES him and our commands seem to fall on deaf ears. You can see through the storm door that his body is quivering, his eyes are bulging and he is breathing erratically. The nightmare of entering...
  2. Does your dog sneeze when excited?

    General Dog Forum
    If she knows we are about to go for a walk or if we are roughhousing together, Luna sneezes. And sneezes, and sneezes, and sneezes! She has done it for as far as I can remember. Since she does it most when we roughhouse, I used to think it was because I would inadvertently touch her nose during...
  3. Trouble at the dog park

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi! I'm really excited to be on this forum. This is my first post - I've read a bunch of other responses but haven't seen anything that directly addresses our issue. My dog, Ripken, is a boxer/hound rescue. I adopted him in September and now he's a little over a year old. My roommate has a...
  4. Amazing dog EXCEPT for this....

    Dog Training Forum
    Amazing dog EXCEPT for jumping!! I've had my dog Bella for five months now. She is seven months old and we are in love with her. She truly is an amazing, very smart dog. She knows all basic commands. Sit, down, stay, come, go to your spot, leave it, drop it. She can do some simple tricks too...
  5. My Overly excited Greeter

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, I have a very smart and good dog (for the most part), but it seems like she has some Abandonment issues. Every time I leave the house for awhile she seems overly excited to see me. She jumps up and on me as if I was gone for years. How can I correct this problem? Thanks...
  6. My dream is becomeing a reality! (happy rant)

    General Dog Forum
    OK since I am new here, y'all must be thinking "oh no not another wacko." I promise I'm not. So any way, I've always known that I wanted to do some thing with animals, preferable Dogs or Horses. Since the horse market is in the toilet I gave up on that. I am now going to be a Dog Groomer...
  7. What the blizzard did to my dog.

    General Dog Forum
    During the blizzard last Tuesday morning my dog was asking me to take him out but I was a little scared that he would freeze. He does this every time we take him out to the back yard. It is pretty hilarious. I just thought that I would share this with you.
  8. Fidget Uncontrollably Hyper with Guests

    Dog Training Forum
    Whenever guests come over or I go to someone's house with Fidget, she goes absolutely bonkers. Scenario: Someone comes to the door and knocks. She barks, which is ok since I like her to let us know that someone is at the door. I tell her to sit, and then I go to the door and open it. She often...
  9. Looking Forward list.

    Off Topic
    I am excited about things, so I will make a list about it. I would also like you to make a list of things you are looking forward to. #1 - The Fair. In my county the fair is coming the end of next month. I excited to try out the new rides and ride the good old rides I loved as a child with my...