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  1. Lab/Aus. Shep. excitability and fear

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello forum :wave: I am needing some awesome advice! I have a 10 mos. old Lab/Australian Shep mix, a darling doggie. After a month of hard training, she's beginning to walk nicely on her daily walks, with two issues. She's very calm inside, very calm outside and on her walks. But she has a fear...
  2. My dog is driving me crazy.

    Dog Training Forum
    Okay, here goes. We just received Mocha almost a month ago now, I think. And despite the fact that he drives me crazy, I love him. He's a 9 month old chocolate Lab and he's adorable when he's calm. Although, I rarely ever see him very calm. I've had three dogs before him. So, I have some...