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  1. Questioning the Stickies: Finding a Good Breeder

    General Dog Forum
    I'm a newbie here and I don't want to go pissing on hallowed ground, or someone's personal turf. But, as a retired breeder who has spent a lot of time talking to veterinarians about health issues, I was surprised by some of the things mentioned in the 'finding a good breeder' thread. Have...
  2. the end of the BYB ...

    General Dog Forum
    would mean the end of the mutt. would this be preferable to you? (I'm playing devil's advocate here. To be clear, I am strictly rescue. I don't purchase pets from pet stores, mills, BYB's or reputable breeders.)
  3. Dog Rant ~ Case Against the Industry

    General Dog Forum
    Please note: While I stand behind what I say, it is extra spicey to spark serious discussion. So rather than simply say you agree or disagree, or toss names like cynic, cold, etc - please take the time to really think it over and provide reasons for your stance. Against: People domesticated...