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  1. My dog keeps running away

    Dog Training Forum
    My 23-month-old Jackapoo (Jack Russell/Poodle mix) has been to puppy classes, has had one-on-one training, yet he still runs away in the park. We walk him with our 11-year-old labrador, in the same park every weekday, and he knows most of the other dogs that come there. Yet when we let him run...
  2. Escape artist

    Dog Training Forum
    My dog escaped from his plastic travel crate. I have been crate training him for months in preparation for a plane ride. But he chewed the plastic part that was holding the latch. Since then, I bought a new crate and have been keeping him there at night and for 1-2.5 hour periods while I run...
  3. Separation anxiety after 8 months

    General Dog Forum
    My dog is one year old this month. We rescued her and have put her in her crate when we are out since we got her in August. About a month ago, we visited my parents for the first time with her and she escaped out of her crate when we went for dinner. I understood this- new place, thought we...
  4. Adopted Escape Artist

    Dog Training Forum
    My husband and I just adopted Lily, a beautiful 2-year-old golden retriever mix from our local shelter. She's insanely sweet and calm--no jumping, no barking ever--but we are having major problems with her making escape attempts from the yard when we aren't looking. When we ARE there, she...
  5. Shih Tzu Houdini

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My wife and I purchased a three year-old Shih Tzu, named Mr. Plops, from a local pet store a few months ago. Ploppy is our first and only dog and we are struggling with some basic dog owner tactics. I am hoping for some helpful tricks or advice. Background: Mr. Plops is a wonderful dog...
  6. Newly Adopted Adult Dog Keeps Running Away

    General Dog Forum
    We adopted Brady, a 1 year old medium-size poodle mix (neutered), at the end of February and have been having major issues with him running away. He is currently lost and has been missing for a week and a half now. I have put fliers up; postings on Craigslist; and informed Animal Control...
  7. I guess it was inevitable

    General Dog Forum
    One of my biggest fears has been walking my dog in my neighborhood because there are so many dogs left in their yards all the time. Well, one finally got out while we were walking. Everyone is OK but it still was pretty scary at first. Lucky for us, the dog was friendly. I was too...