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  1. Liver problems

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone! I've spoken to a few of you throughout my experiences with rescuing Lily and her getting sick, and so on if you all remember! Well now, the plot thickens! I took Lily to the vet because I noticed she had been having a few tinkle accidents on herself. First my vet went ahead and did...
  2. Safe for my dog to go under anesthesia for dental work with his liver problems?

    Dog Health Questions
    I took my dog to the vet last week and did some blood work. The vet told me he has a really high liver enzyme count. Its suppose to be around 103 range, and my dogs number was 1,660 ! It is also obvious that my dog has severe dental problems and that he needs to get it fixed. We scheduled his...
  3. New to the forum

    Attention All New Members
    Hello , This is my first post . I am Joan Wolke of wolkedanes.com . My kids are 6 Great Danes who I show and sometimes breed. Promise is my oldest at 6 1/2 years . Lea is my youngest she is 4 mons. I also enjoy writing blogs on dog health and other things . I look forward to getting to know you...