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english springer spaniels

  1. Hi from Oregon!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi! My name is Sara and I'm the soon to be puppy parent of an 8 week old English Springer spaniel male. My last dog was a rescue, a 3 year old spaniel mix who lives to be 10-11 and died of cancer. I grew up with a flat coated retriever rescue. This time I decided to follow a lifelong dream-...
  2. Post Pics of Your English Springer Spaniels

    Dog Pictures Forum
    For those on here who own English Springer Spaniels, if you could post some pics of your English Springer Spaniel dogs or puppies? I'm a blogger and I just wrote a blog on English Springer Spaniels the other day, and I'm looking for some good pictures to post of English Springer Spaniels. ~ I...