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elderly dog

  1. Our family dog is reaching the end of his life.

    Dog Health Questions
    This will probably be pretty long, I'm sorry. I'll put a summary at the bottom. Just in case there's any confusion, I do not live with my parents or our family dog anymore, so I was given some of this information over the phone after a vet appointment today but I think we talked about mostly...
  2. Does the dog like your new boyfriend?

    Piddle Place
    Has your dog ever acted like this? Dog dislikes my boyfriend Let us know who your dog acted like this to.
  3. house breaking for new puppy and older dogs

    Piddle Place
    If you have a new puppy that needs training with less mess and cost of puppy pads. If you have an elderly dog that has a problem going outside. Do you work long hours and can't always be home to take your dog for a walk. Please consider allowing your furry friend the option of an indoor dog...
  4. Dogs are my life. Hi everyone!

    Attention All New Members
    :wave: My name is Traci. I've had dogs in my life ever since I was born. I feel a very special connection to them, and they ALL seem to recognize and respond favorably to me. Currently I have 3 dogs. First is Cheezie. He is a bad-tempered 12 year old 2 pound teacup chihuahua. He fears...
  5. I am moving...need help to think of options for my dog? Please!

    General Dog Forum
    EDIT: Thanks everyone, for your advice. Now I can think... I am going to contact a GSD rescue to see what can be done. We have to move ASAP (I forgot to mention), which is another reason why we can't find a pet-friendly place too quickly. :help: !!! Hello there! I have an 11 yr old German...