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  1. Dog Training Forum
    Does anyone have some good recommendations of good accredited colleges for dog training/behavior? I currently work as a service dog trainer and have been learning lots on the job, however I want to boost my career and obtain official certifications and learn more about behavior.
  2. New Member Introductions
    I'm a senior in college, and hopefully headed to veterinary school in a year or so (depending on if I get accepted or not :yield:). Meanwhile, I'm trying to finish up my undergrad degree in animal science. And I'm also thinking about getting a new dog (which brings me here! :D). My family had a...
  3. Dog Health Questions
    If you've ever wanted to be a veterinarian or have wondered what it takes to become one in the U.S., here's there lowdown: http://blog.vetknows.com/post/90158046258/ask-a-vet-free-weekly-tips-about-your-pet-tip-6
  4. General Dog Forum
    Are great dogs. :) I propose a thread here to enlighten and educate the masses about this wonderful breed. I suggest posting pictures of what awesome dogs pits can be--with children, cats, other dogs, the elderly, etc--articles about how awesome they are, research into the breed, videos, any...
  5. New Member Introductions
    http://outskirtspress.com/theadventuresofsheilathetherapydog I wrote a Children's book about my therapy dog Sheila. I take her to nursing homes, group homes and hospitals. I now take her to schools and teach children about pet therapy. This is the perfect book for animal lovers who want to...
1-5 of 6 Results