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  1. I taught my dogs How to eat politely and well

    Dog Training Forum
    They are my dogs Marvin and Loki Rottweiler breed. I taught my dog how to eat politely and well and then this is our meal. Top fastest-eating but very carefully. How do you think about our work?
  2. How much to feed a puppy??

    Dog Food Forum
    So when I went to the vet a week ago I was at a loss of how much to fed my puppy. She said 1/2 a cup a day. Which I've been doing, moistened with puppy milk replacement. Which has seemed to be fine but he's been having an extra late night meal above the 1/2 cup. The last few days he has been...
  3. My dog won't eat her kibble.

    Dog Food Forum
    So, I know the suggestion to this issue is to have scheduled feedings but I'm not really able to do this. I work 8 hour days. I put her measured food down shortly before I leave for work. Sometimes 20 minutes before. Sometimes right before I walk out the door if I'm running late. If I give her...
  4. Second Opinion??? Vet sees nothing wrong.....

    Dog Health Questions
    Right to the point My 3 year old Australian Sheppard has stopped eating normally for the past 4 months. Before he would eat all his food in one setting 11/2 cups twice a day. Now he won't eat/barley will. Facts listed below 1. Wife and I had a child November 2013 2. Dog eats Merrick dry dog...
  5. My puppy keeps trying to eat rocks

    Dog Training Forum
    Chico finally got enough shots to go outside, but he keeps trying to eat each and every pebble he sees. Does anyone else deal with this? Any ideas on how to prevent this behavior?
  6. Is Dog or Puppy flatulence (farting) a bad thing?

    General Dog Forum
    Just a small question regarding doggy flatulence. I noticed that every now and then our puppy will pass some gas, is this because of his diet? It occured to me to jump online and ask the question after posting a video of him on youtube (link below). He's on a strict meals with a combination of...
  7. Eurasier question and new puppy not eating much question

    General Dog Forum
    Hey folks- my partner and I just picked up an adorable 8 week old Eurasier puppy on Monday, so we're into our third day (second full day), and I have two questions: 1) For those who are familiar with Eurasiers- I know they go through several color changes, but is there a good way to predict...
  8. Happy Birthday Kuma

    Dog Pictures Forum
    It's my Akita's (Kuma) birthday today. He turned 3
  9. Problems feeding 9 month old puppy; please help!

    Dog Food Forum
    I have a 9 month old Corgi and ever since I got her, feeding her has been difficult. She never 'wants' to eat her food; most of the time, I have to convince her to eat her food, which would sometimes take forever. I have tried all types of food brands and a while ago, she seemed to like the...
  10. Dog not eating much- possible allergy?

    Dog Health Questions
    We just got what we think is a Pomeranian/Tibetan Spaniel mix from the shelter this past week- we took her home on Wednesday night. Mostly things are going well, but I'm concerned about her eating habits. She rarely eats food put in front of her and if left out she may or may not eat any of it...
  11. Please Oh Please Help with Elizabethan Collar!!!

    Dog Health Questions
    My poor Shep Fudgie has been prescribed an Elizabethan Collar following his eye surgery. He is not dealing with it very well and tends to just stay still as a statue sometimes, especially when navigating after bumping into something. To make matters worse he is now being growled at by Bo my...
  12. Expensive foods!

    Dog Food Forum
    Does anyone know of a good dog food that slims a dog down and boosts is energy? Inexpensive please! Please no steroids! (joke)
  13. My 1 yr old dog will not eat

    Dog Health Questions
    I have been fighting with my dog almost since I got her to eat. She is nothing but skin and bones. The vet has de-wormed her and said she will eat when she is hungry but she is never hungry it seams. I have tried dry food, caned food, mixed together, human food, even cat food. I have tried free...
  14. Cooked At Home Foods

    Dog Food Forum
    (LOCK THIS THREAD! I FORGOT AND MADE A DOUBLE!) I want to start feeding my dogs food that I cook for German Sheperds and Pomeranians.(see age tickers in my signature.) Should I? What do I feed them? How do I make it? Will my vet tell me if this is right for my dogs?
  15. Odd Hesitant Eating Habits

    Dog Health Questions
    We have a 4 year old female german shepard that is behaving oddly for around 6 months. When we put down food for her she often will approach, inspect the food and then walk away. She usually will check on our aged male chow who is getting medication in his food, although he has been doing so...
  16. 7 month old Shep puppy wont eat much

    General Dog Forum
    I just rescued a 7 month old shep mix puppy. He has a suite of issues, and I want to touch upon one of them. He won't eat much at all! He is on benedryl, amoxocillin, Mange meds, and kennel cough meds, which may cut down his hunger levels. BUT, he really wont eat much dog food. He will ravage...
  17. Gadget won't eat.

    Dog Food Forum
    So for some background on Gadget refer to this forum: http://www.dogforums.com/13-dog-health-questions/37979-gadget-has-generalized-demodectic.html Anyway about two days ago Gadget has stopped eating. I rarely give him human food, and on the rare case's that I do, I always make sure that I...
  18. Puppy not eating, PLZ HELP!

    Dog Food Forum
    We have had our shih-tzu maltese cross male for almost 3 months now and he is almost 5 months old. We bought him from the pet store and the lady that works there showed us which food he had been eating. So we bought that food but he didn't want it. We added wet food to it but that didn't help...