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eating something bad

  1. Dog eats ALL toys and everything else

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a VERY active puppy (9 months) that is a lab/beagle mix. The problem is that he eats (and not just chews actually swallows) everything! I've tried every toy out there, kongs, bones, nyla-bones, etc and he destroys and eats them all in no time.He even eats his crate and any bedding we put...
  2. What can we expect?

    Dog Health Questions
    Our dog seems to have eaten a tube of chapstick yesterday--wrapper, plastic tube, and the goo itself. Last night she woke up twice for a BM (which she never does) and then went again this morning. Each stool softer than the last. I'm worried about perforated bowels or really difficult BMs...