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eating issues

  1. My 3 months old poodle won't eat, what do I do?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello everyone, I have a 3 months old poodle and it's my first time ever owning a dog. Lately, I noticed that he won't eat anything except for meat (specially chicken breast, chicken thighs..chicken in brief). He also refuses to eat his dog salami or canned dog food. He used to eat vegetables...
  2. Slowing down how fast they eat (or inhale!)

    Dog Training Forum
    Left to herself, my puppy Tessa gobbles her portion in 20 seconds! To slow her down, I came up with the following solution. I set one of these Kong brand balls in the middle of the bowl, with the kibble around it. I actually put some food in that hole the ball has, too, to make it a little more...
  3. 9 yr old refuses to eat out of a bowl

    Dog Training Forum
    Good afternoon everyone So I have an interesting problem with training and I was looking for some help. We currently have a 9 year old mix (45lbs) Mimi, who looks like a very large Shiba Inu. We just had to put to sleep our 10 year old Rottweiler/Lab mix. The two of them are both female and...
  4. My Lab she has a Cancerous Tumor

    Attention All New Members
    I'm looking for help Sadie will not eat her normal food she will eat hotdog and what we eat. What can I do to get her to eat?
  5. Eating Issues - After 2 yrs I am out of ideas to help her.

    Dog Food Forum
    My 2 yr old Boston Terrier has eating issues. Making a long story as short as I can. I bought her from a breeder out of state, traveling over 8 hrs each way to pick her up. We meet up in a parking lot. Now as shady as that may sound I do have a friend who also bought her BT from this breeder a...